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We’ll continue reviewing the other 55 plus plans in the cell phone market. It’s the time for the T-Mobile 55 plan for senior citizens. T-Mobile is the first provider offer discount rate plan under the name 55 plus. Here we’ll review the plan and show the major difference between this plan and the other 55 plans. This Unlimited 55 plan is a bit cheaper than Sprint's standard plan, especially if you sign up for two lines. The benefits aren't quite as nice as Sprint's Unlimited Freedom plan, but if you're aged 55 or older, the savings might be worth the trade-off. Stay tuned and we'll let you know when Sprint's Unlimited 55 plan becomes official.

18/05/2018 · Sprint’s new Unlimited 55 plan — which was rumored back in April — is available today. Now, Sprint customers who are 55 or older can sign up for one line of unlimited service for $50 a month or two lines for $70. Customers who meet the age qualifications will get the same perks as the regular. 18/05/2018 · And for those who want more, Sprint offers the option to opt-in for a $10/per line per month upgrade that gives you 10GB of mobile hotspot plus HD streaming up to 1080p and more. Sprint’s new Unlimited 55 is equally matched at T-Mobile by the Unlimited 55 plan, which offers customers in the.

26/04/2018 · Sprint is getting ready to launch an unlimited plan specifically for older adults, according to a new report, giving anyone age 55 or older the option of getting two lines at a generous discount compared to the ordinary Unlimited option. The new option would follow a similar plan recently launched. Verizon Wireless responds to the T-Mobile 55 plan with the Verizon 55 plus plan. The new plan targeted towards senior citizens, and offers most of the Verizon Go Unlimited plans features for discounted rates; actually, it allows you to save up to $50 per month compared to. 17/05/2018 · T-Mobile and Sprint are in the early stages of joining forces, but that doesn’t appear to have stopped Sprint from announcing a new plan, albeit one that has striking similarities to one of T-Mobile’s existing plans. Called Unlimited 55, this plan is intended for customers who are 55 years old, offering 2 lines of unlimited. 30/05/2019 · While Sprint originally offered only one unlimited data plan, it recently introduced three new plans to take its place -- Unlimited Basic, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited Premium. With multiple plans available, we break down your options to help you decide which is best for you and your family.

Their new senior plans called the 55 Plus Plan are only currently available for select areas, but they do have a decent discount. Their senior plans are available for anyone 55 or older living in Florida, Illinois, or Missouri. These discounted plans $50 off per month are available to new customers as well as most existing customers. I was shocked to see that the new unlimited 55 plan was for new customers only. In the past, Sprint has made new plans available for all customers. New and existing. What I am asking is if sprint ever plans on making the 55 plan available to their existing customers?.

Sprint will soon unveil a plan targeted at people aged 55 years and up, a source familiar with the matter has revealed to Android Police. The plan will rival T-Mobile's recent and identically named Unlimited 55 plan, which allows individuals who are 55 or older to get two unlimited lines for just $70 — something that would cost $120 on T. 55 and older. Get unlimited on the network more people rely on. $80/mo for 2 lines Plus taxes and fees. When you enroll in Auto Pay. Check eligibility. Get the best Unlimited for less. Do you need 1 or 2 lines? $60 per line /1 line Per month. 50gb of included LTE hotspot. 55 only has unlimited 3G hotspot. Video streaming at 1080p resolution. If those aren't features you're concerned with or use, then the Unlimited 55 plan might be a good option, and it is $15 less than your current plan. You can also save. Sprint will launch its new Unlimited 55 plan tomorrow, May 18th. The plan offers two lines of unlimited talk, text, and data for $70 per month with autopay, with the first line priced at $50 and the second at $20. This plan is only available to customers who are age 55 or older. 17/12/2019 · The Sprint Unlimited 55 Plan is a no contract plan that offers unlimited talk, text, and unlimited data data may be slowed after 23GB of usage per month. The plan is only available for customers age 55 years and older. The Sprint Unlimited 55 Plan can accommodate 2 lines for $35 each. That's $50 for the first line and $20 for the.

This option is exclusively available for Sprint’s unlimited phone plans. Are there Sprint unlimited data plans? Sprint offers three tiers of unlimited phone plans plus its Sprint for Business unlimited plan following a “good, better, best” structure, with pricing for each plan reflective of the features it includes. While Sprint offers a variety of plans for all of its customers, its Unlimited 55 Plan is geared towards senior citizens. Knowing that they may not need or want as many minutes or bells and whistles, the company has come up with a unique plan for those ages 55. 17/05/2018 · You also get unlimited hotspot data at a reduced 500kbps speed, and Sprint’s global roaming package that offers free but slow data in most countries. “We know customers love unlimited no matter what their age, so we’ve designed a plan with the 55 plus age group in mind,” said Roger Solé, chief marketing officer. 21/05/2018 · In fact, two of the Big 4 wireless providers — T-Mobile and Sprint — offer affordable plans specifically for people who are 55 and older. Cell phone plans designed for seniors. There are many benefits to senior cell phone options, including lower-priced unlimited plans, better customer service and easy-to-use technology.

10/08/2017 · Here are the best Sprint plans you can currently use,. Sprint Unlimited Plus Plan. Sprint also offers an upgraded version of its Unlimited Basic Plan. For couples who are 55 years of age or older, the Sprint Unlimited 55 Plan offers a plan that costs just $70 a month for two lines. 18/05/2018 · There are a few benefits to getting older. After T-Mobile last year launched a new unlimited plan for customers aged 55, Sprint has now done the sameYou get unlimited talk, texts and data. Sprint says a single line costs $50/month, but you can add a second one for just $20, so $35 each []. Page Plus Cellular holds your account balance in US Dollars. When you use a service, your account will be charged the amount per the Services chart as listed in the Plans Details tab on this page. Use typically begins when you answer a call, and continues until you end the call or it is otherwise terminated. Account Life Cycle.

hello! i just got a pop up notification on my phone saying “sprint has turned off lte calls on your account” out of nowhere. turns out they completely turned off my service as i can’t make calls, text or go on the internet without wifi. i tried logging into my account online and it. 19/12/2019 · Sprint is still competing with T-Mobile for the moment, despite the two having proposed to be merged. This salvo goes for older customers. Starting tomorrow and only for a limited time, Sprint will offer a previously-rumored Unlimited 55 plan for customers aged 55 or above, giving them significant. 12/07/2018 · Unlimited 55 And, if you’re 55 or older, Sprint offers Unlimited 55. This is an excellent plan that offers unlimited data, talk and text plus great features for only $35 per month per line for two lines. 10. More great news! Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Basic are available to existing customers on phones or tablets. 21/05/2019 · Seniors can save on expensive cell phone service with 55 Plus plans from Verizon and T-Mobile. Those 55 and older can pocket up to $50 a month with Verizon’s Go Unlimited plan, which includes unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data. One line is $60; two are $80 per month with auto pay. This is. 27/07/2018 · While I was on the phone with Sprint today to get my phone unlocked, they mentioned I could switch to the 55 plan -- that it would be $50 for the first line after autopay or $60 for two lines -- basically the same as T-Mobile's 55 plan. I'm just curious if anyone else has heard of this, and what the fine print on the plan is. For.

Most of the major carriers in the United States offer unlimited plans for senior citizens at discounted rates. Recently we’ve discussed the T-Mobile 55 plus plan, and the Verizon 55 plus plan, now we’re going to review the unlimited plan offered by Sprint for senior citizens 55 years and older.Save With The Sprint Senior Discount. Seniors are now, more than ever using cell phones and with this trend comes the need for cell phone plans for seniors. Sprint has introduced Unlimited 55 , where you get two lines of unlimited for $35 per month per line.

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